Unit Monitoring System

This is a summary of a monitoring system installed by one of our residents.


Garage Door Opener (and compatible Light Control allows turning on/off a light plugged into unit)


The light allows me to see via the camera better, though camera’s night vision is good.


These both work off the supplied gateway that gets plugged into the internet router.  Works with LiftMaster & Chamberlain Garage Door Openers

Data & Alerts


Temperature Monitoring (Use it in 2 homes + Extra Sensors)


“Sensor” is inside the Unit; “Probe” is outside

Camera Monitoring (Use it in 2 homes)

Thermostat (Older Model) – Can adjust temperature remotely and monitor system functioning:

Touch Screen Model (bought for 2nd home). (Has to be direct-C (common) wired, so not battery reliant)

Smartphone APP:

Moonset at Harbor Point

We have plenty of sunset photos at Harbor Point, how about a moonset? This one was taken at 6:40 am on October 27, 2015. Unlike our sunset photos, this one shows the color of the trees on the other side of the harbor rather than a silhouette because the sun is just rising as the moon is setting.

Moonset at Harbor Point

Moose at Harbor Point

We all laughed when Jean Bell reported a moose sighting at Harbor Point. What was she putting in her coffee?!  Then we received this photo from Bill and Sally Shaughnessy and we had to scrape the egg off our collective faces.

This photo is from the property at the side of unit 1.

Moose at Harbor Point
Moose at Harbor Point